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Cristy - En Persona (Nueva York)

I truly enjoyed my session with you. It was an unforgettable experience that touched so close to my heart. The reading revealed so much more than I ever expected it to. It gave me a sense of closure that I needed for so long. Thank you for what you do and the time you took to give me a moment I have longed for. This was an amazing birthday gift from my husband that I will be forever grateful for. Now back to Atlanta to start my new chapter and knowing that I will always have someone watching over me.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Orlando and purchase your new book!

Thank you!

Cristy - Atlanta, GA

Maria - En Persona (Nueva York)

How do I even start? Zulema is a very special lady. I was so nervous at first, but I knew I was in the right place. I got the clarification of what I knew in my heart. I can now sleep better now that I know my mom is in a better place and so is my husband! I needed closure .

I’m dealing with a lot of anxiety from past experiences, needed to forgive myself for past experiences and I got that. I’m learning to live day by day and to trust my instincts that were very much on point, but I wasn’t allowing myself to see what was in front of me!

Now I know I can move forward day by day and I have Zulema to thank for that!

Lina - En Persona (Los Angeles)

Hola Zulema,

Now that we have settled back home in South Carolina, it was a pleasure meeting you in Los Angeles. First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for what you did for my mother Olga. When her husband of 16 years passed she lost everything that kept her grounded. As her daughter I didn’t realize just how much she needed this. Zulema thank you so much for giving my mom the opportunity to connect with her loved ones specially her husband Elkin and validating everything that happened.

When a family member passes away the grieving process is different for each one, the hurt and the pain of their loss is there. But I realized the difference between losing a parent and a life partner, that is the hardest in our family case. My mom lost her partner, her confident, friend, her rock. The loss is so much more and the loneliness is worse. She was so accustomed to coming home from work and he being there to talk to her and tell her what not to do and to do, to laugh and to plan their life. You have given my mom back a piece of her life and her Peace of mind. Listening to what he had to say gave her the resilience that she had lost in her life. He saying sorry and that she would be ok is what I think meant the most. Naturally everything else was great and very validating, but what gave her the most is knowing that he knew what went wrong and that he never meant for things to happen like that. The change in my mom’s face and her smile is priceless. Will I do this again for her? Yes in a heartbeat. Now she knows what he wanted puts her at peace. You gave my mom a new sense of life and for that I am grateful.

May God continue to bless you with your gift. Thank you


Erica - FaceTime (Florida)

Where do I begin with this reading I had with Zulema.

I’ll start with this, there are things that Zulema knew that she had no way of looking up and definitely no way she could have been told by anyone but my family members who had passed on. My grandmother came through and pointed out that someone was going through in vitro and that this was not their first rodeo. That person is me! She went down to details on how many embryos I had, the sex of them, that I was going to have twins and most importantly that this time would work. Well, yesterday I got confirmation that I am indeed pregnant and the results are so high that this may indeed be a twin pregnancy! Remarkable!!! I got questions I had been holding in answered and I was even able to get some clarification on why things happened the way they did. This meant the world to not only me but some of my family members that I shared what I had learned with them. I highly recommend Zulema and plan to get another reading with her again sometime soon.

Thank you!!!

Gladdys - En Persona (Los Angeles)

To anyone contemplating a reading, all I can say is DO IT!!!! I had a reading today and Zulema has forever changed my life. I knew it was going to be an AMAZING reading when she asked “ who is Maria?”

Maria is my deceased mother whom I was hoping to connect with. Zulema knew things that no-one could have known. Private things that are not searchable, down to what my mom was buried in…. Moments that only my mom and I would know… Things that have happened in my home that I’ve never spoken about.

I love you so much Zulema!

You have given me the best gift of all and that is being able to connect with mom.

Janett - FaceTime (Nueva York)

My reading with Zulema was absolutely amazing and spot on! She gave me details about my loved ones that no one else would know. The messages she relayed were things I have prayed to hear for years. I could validate everything that was relayed to me and for my family; the experience was surreal. Zulema is truly gifted; she exudes love and light and I can’t wait to have another reading with her.



Marialis - En Persona (Nueva York)

The reading with Zulema on March 21, was a wonderful and emotional experience. She was able to connect with my beloved father who passed away two months ago. It gave my mother and I the opportunity to hear from him and know that he is always watching over us.

Thank you Zulema. A memorable experience indeed!


Susan - En Persona (Nueva York)

I recently had the good fortune of meeting Zulema. She is a warm and kind woman who put me at ease immediately. A very special aspect of my reading was that three of my family members were with me; they were able to validate and provide feedback. I can’t imagine how different it would have been if they hadn’t been with me.

Spending time with Zulema gave me a window into a dimension I always sensed existed. I was able to interact with various members of my family and listen, ask questions and find peace. I feel comforted knowing, without a doubt, that my loved ones continue to share this world with me and my extended family - even new grandchildren that they never actually met - on a regular basis. My time with Zulema was an amazing experience and I will be forever grateful and appreciative of her abilities - she has a true gift.

Thanks again!

Laura - En Persona (Nueva York)

Zulema is truly so gifted and her abundance and channel that she uses to communicate is not only astonishing and poignant but helpful and a once in a lifetime special experience. Anyone who is looking for some clarity and to connect with the departed should 1000% seek her out. She’s an extraordinary being who is sharing her gifts in a method that can help anyone with an open heart.

Laura - FaceTime (Illinois)

Zulema made me clear on many questions I had. I felt her like my family. She is very accurate and sincere . I felt so much peace as she spoke. I can guarantee anyone who consults with her that she is real, accurate and will leave you at peace with whatever your situation or case is. I recommend her 200%.

Thank you so so so much Zulema. Many blessings to you.

Miriam - FaceTime (California)


She made clear all the questions i had after my mom pass away.  She was really accurate in everything she said and all the things she communicate to me coming from my mom. I felt really comfortable and in peace like she was part of my family like she knew me for so long for how she was so kind in say everything. 

Please if you are planning on have any reading with her. I’ll say you will no regretted she left you with a sensation of peace knowing your loved ones are in the other side in peace and fine. In my case was 100% accurate. 

Thanks for all Zulema.  

Best regards. 

Wendy - En Persona (Nueva York)

My reading with Zulema was amazing!  Upon first meeting Zulema, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable.  This was my first professional reading and it was a a very illuminating and emotionally fulfilling experience!  I would highly recommend a reading with Zulema if you are seeking clarity and/or insight regarding your path in life!

Thank you!


Nelly (Dallas) - En Persona (Nueva York)

Hi Zulema!

The experience with you was beyond more than what we expected it to be. More than answers, you confirmed a reality that we were afraid of finding out. We held onto a faith we never let go since the kidnapping of my Father. From the moment you started the reading and you told us my Father was standing right beside my mom, our hearts ached and our faith shattered as we knew we would never see him alive again. Many things we speculated were confirmed by him thru the reading plus much more. But it brought us peace to know his spirit was with us and thru the reading, he let un know he has always been watching over us.

So many mixed emotions but a relief at the same time. This reading defiantly changed our lives for the better. We found relief and closure in our hearts which we longed for many years. But most of all, the "Not Knowing" we lived with for 10 yrs is no longer there. It has brought happiness and joy to have been able to connect with our Father and loved ones. Peace in our hearts is what we wanted and we know have it thanks to you!

We will ALWAYS be grateful for you and God for putting you in our lives. Through your "Gift", we have been truly blessed and I only wish you many more years of success to come your way so you can continue to help others like you did us.

Un fuerte abrazo para usted de todo corazon,

Nelly y Familia