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What is a Psychic Medium?

It is often said that all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.

A Psychic is able to tune into the energy of the person they are reading. I am a psychic. I am able to tell you things about your past, present and future using my gift.

A Medium is also able to tune into the energy of a person no longer in the physical body by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding the person being read. I am a medium. I am able to tap into the spirit energy surrounding you to communicate with both spirits who have crossed over and spirits who are still earthbound.

Both psychics and mediums use their Third Eye as the gateway to higher consciousness. The Third Eye represents an extraordinary potential of perception, foresight and clairvoyance, mentioned in history throughout various cultures. The Third Eye is an eye that doesn't serve us for sight but we can use it to perceive what our ordinary eyes cannot.


 How I Communicate with Spirits:



I am able to see images that that are beyond the range of ordinary perception. These may be colors, visions or symbols either within my mind’s eye or with my physical eyes. I see the things that spirits want me to convey to you.


I am able to perceive sounds or words from the spirit world. I hear voices, sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear. Usually I receive these messages in my thoughts and sometimes I hear them audibly. Spirits will tell me people’s names, names of places, sayings and some spirits will literally have a conversation with me.


I am able to perceive the physical and emotional state of others, whether it is in the past, present or the future without using the normal five senses. As a medium, I am able to sense or feel the emotions and physical feelings a spirit had while in the physical body. I can sense their personality, whether they had a great sense of humor, whether they were very serious, happy or depressed, etc.


I am able to “see” people, events, and places, located distantly in space and time. I can see these images from locations in the next room, across the country and around the world. I see images from the past and in the future. 


How I Can Help You:


Dealing with Loss of a Loved One

Most people who contact me are seeking to connect with a loved one who has passed away. Nothing is more painful than the loss of a loved one. But knowing that you can communicate with those who have passed away can help ease the pain, bring closure and give you peace of mind.

When someone passes away, they often leave behind a lot of unanswered questions. If a loved one passed away suddenly, you may not have got to say goodbye to them, or left things unspoken. I can reconnect you with your loved ones to get the answers you are looking for, to say the things you wanted to and bring a sense of closure.

Many people want the peace of mind that their loved one had a smooth transition to the afterlife and is no longer suffering.  For some, just knowing that although their loved one is still watching over them brings a sense of calm and reassurance.

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Love & Family Relationships

The success or failure of our relationships often depend on factors we are not even aware of.  The first step on the path to a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship is to truly get to know our authentic selves and to understand the root issues that may be derailing our relationships.

The spirits may know of something from your past that you were not directly aware of, but has been affecting the way you live your life and the relationships you have.

No one can decide your future except you, but spiritual insight can help you make the right choices when it comes to building more positive and worthwhile relationships.

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Career Advice

Finding yourself at a crossroad in your career can be a stressful situation to face on your own.

Tapping into your spirit guide and obtaining insight from loved ones who watch over you can help you understand your authentic self and open up possibilities previously unseen.

Only you can decide where to take your career. Connecting with spirit can help you re-examine what is important to you and what your goals are so you can ultimately decide what you want to achieve with your next career move.