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Frequently Asked Questions


Mediums, Guides & The Spirit World: What's it all about?

What is a Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium facilitates communication between spirits of those who have passed, be it humans or animals, and living people.

We are all made up of energy. Living beings on earth have a low energetic vibration. When someone passes, their spirit and soul transform into a much higher level of energy and vibration. A medium has the ability to raise their energetic vibration, while spirit simultaneously lowers theirs. The medium and spirit communicate in this middle space between the low vibrations of the living world and the high vibrations of the spirit world. I am called a medium because of my ability to communicate in this “medium” space and serve as a bridge between the two worlds.

Psychic mediums are different than psychics. All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. Psychics are either born with a higher level of intuition than most people or develop it over time. This level of intuition is also known as a sixth sense. On the other hand, mediums are always born with their gift and develop skillsets over time to interpret signs and symbols received from Spirit. Just as each medium and her life experiences are different, so are the varied methods and language they use to communicate with Spirit.

Is this Black Magic?

The work of a medium is always in the divine white light of God. Spirits are not conjured; mediums only interpret or translate the information received from spirit energy existing in the universe. Psychic mediums do not practice Santería, a religion practiced in Latin American countries, nor anything related to the low and negative energies related to Santería or witchcraft.

Mediums do not work with negative energies, but rather seek to provide healing through closure, clarification, validation, and guidance.

What are Spirit Guides?

At any point in our life, we may have a combination of Spirit Guides watching over us and protecting us. There are five main types of Spirit Guides in the Spirit World who are here to help guide and protect the living.

Ancestors and Loved Ones: Spirit Guides who have some kind of blood connection to us. An ancestral guide could be a recently deceased member of your family (a mother, father, aunt or grandfather), or a long dead relative that you have perhaps never met in your lifetime.

Teacher Guides - spirits sent to help: These Spirit Guides are not necessarily people we have known in life, but could be guides from past lives or spirits who have been sent to protect us, teach us or guide us along a particular path. A typical teacher guide is symbolic - your guide may appear to you in the form of a warrior, a priest or a wise woman. They are known to provide insight through your dreams or during meditation and may only be with you for as long as you need them before moving on.

Animal Guides: Many people have animals as Spirit Guides. It is not uncommon for a deceased pet to linger around, keeping you company through the grieving process.

Ascended Masters: Ascended masters are beings that have already lived on this earth but have become enlightened, awakened or have transcended the cycle of reincarnation. Ascended masters represent the ultimate teachers. Their energy vibration is higher than ancestors or teacher guides and are thought to guide many people. Examples include Krishna, Jesus, Confucius, Kuthumi, Melchizedek, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Babaji and Gautama Buddha.

Angels: Angels are the highest energy vibrational Spirit Guides of all. They have never inhabited a physical body and are of pure light, pure energy and pure love. They are sometimes called “light beings” (because of their tendency to appear bright, glowing or full of light), or guardian angels. They are said to help people through particularly traumatic times in their life such as death, loss and grief.

Where is the Spirit World?

No-one knows for sure, but I believe it is all around us. As a medium, I can sense that everything is made up of energy and vibrations. In the physical world in which we live, the energy and vibrations that most people sense everyday are muted. In the Spirit World the energy and vibrations are at a much higher level and because of this are normally invisible to us. The best analogy I can think of it is how a dog can hear sounds at frequencies inaudible to humans even though those sounds may be around us all the time.

As a medium I can raise my energetic vibration while spirit simultaneously lowers theirs allowing us to connect. So I believe the only thing separating us in the physical world from the Spirit World is the level and frequency of the energy vibrations in the two worlds.

Are Spirits connected with us all the time?

It takes an incredible amount of energy for spirits to lower their energy and vibration to connect with the physical world. It is not something they can do all the time. However, spirits know what is going on in your life and try to let you know they are there for you, whether it is for guidance or inspiration.

There are certain times when spirits are more likely to connect with you.

When you are alone - Your alone time is one of the only times of day you are not distracted by other people and you are more likely to notice the subtle presence of another.

When you are sleeping or dreaming - Usually, when you are woken up from a sleep, you are the only one awake in your house. This may be the result of a loved one attempting to visit you at night, especially if this is the only time you are calm and your mind is quiet. While your loved one does not intend to wake you, they occasionally will.

During a difficult time in your life – When you have lost someone, when you are going through a period of transition, be it your job or relationship or when you are questioning your path forward.

During family events - Wedding, engagements, births, sporting events, ceremonies, presentations, promotions, buying a house, sending a child off to college, winning an award. These are all events that your loved ones do not want to miss.

What methods do Mediums use to communicate with Spirits?

Psychic mediums communicate using several methods including clairaudience (perceptive hearing), clairvoyance (perceptive seeing), clairsentience (perceptive sensing and feeling), and claircognizance (perceptive knowing). In other words, a medium perceives information from the person being read that allows them to best interpret and apply messages from spirit. Using all these tools in tandem allows a medium to provide validation about past experiences and guidance about future outcomes.

Some mediums have the gift, like I do, of "remote viewing", which is the ability to see things beyond the restrictions of space and time.

Can Spirits only communicate with me through a Medium?

Absolutely not. Loved ones who have passed can communicate with you in many different ways. They may appear to us in our dreams, indicate their presence by showing you number patterns that are significant about them (when you glance at your digital watch, very often the time is the month and day of their birthday), appear as an insect or animal for a brief moment (like the butterfly that suddenly lands on you or the bird that stares at you through a window), place objects in your path, move objects (the picture frame that keeps falling over), manipulate appliances (turning the TV, lights, or radio on or off, adjusting the volume of the TV), create a buzzing in your ear that comes out of nowhere then disappears, make a smell that reminds you of them (the perfume they wore, the smell of the cigar they smoked), use music (you might wake up with a random song in your head and have no idea why you’re thinking of it or turn on the radio and hear a song that instantly reminds you of them) or simply by sensing their presence.

Can you tell me about past lives I might have had?

Reincarnation is one of the world's oldest beliefs that dates back to the times of the ancient Greeks and early Indian civilisations. Many people today, from all walks of life, believe that they have lived before.

I do not offer Past Life Regression, but I am guided by your Spirit Guides and they can show me lives you have lived before.

Are there certain things you cannot help me with?

My purpose as a medium is to connect with the Spirit World. I cannot help solve a murder, find a missing person or tell you if your partner is cheating on you. Spirits show me possible and desirable future outcomes for you, but the future is unpredictable. I cannot provide you with next week's lotto numbers!

My work as a medium is always in the divine white light of God. I do not work with negative energies and cannot rid people of curses, hexes or attachments.

You speak Spanish and English, but what if the loved one I want to connect with spoke another language?

When a spirit is connecting with me, it does not matter what language they spoke in the physical world. This is because it is more of a connection of thoughts. Their thoughts form words I can hear in a language I can understand. Spirits also show me images. They may show a small movie-like scene, symbols, letters, and occasionally numbers. My job as a medium is to put all of these things together to deliver their message.

How can you give a reading if I am not in the same room as you?

Your reading is a three-way connection between you, me and those in Spirit.

To achieve that connection, I tune into your energetic vibration. I can do this whether you are sitting in front of me or if you are on the other end of a phone or video call. It is not the physical bodies that are connected in a reading - it is the mind, hearts and spirits.

Once I have connected with your energy, there begins a free flow of ’spiritual data’ from the spirits that want to connect with you.

Your Reading With Me

Do I need to provide any information before my reading?

All I need to know is your first name. Please do not send me in advance any details about you or the loved ones you want to connect with. A legitimate medium will never ask for any information about the person being read before a reading, including their birthdate, where they live, or any personal information.

How should I prepare for my reading?

It is of utmost importance that you have an open mind and an open heart.

It is ok to feel nervous or anxious if you have never had a reading with a medium before - fear of the unknown is perfectly understandable. A few days before the reading, I suggest you start telling the loved ones you wish to connect with to come through. Do this either out loud or in your head. Talk to them in your head or out loud and tell them you are going to see a medium.

Please do not email me with details about you or your loved ones before the reading. I do not need your date of birth, social security number or any facts about those you wish to connect with. I only need to know your first name once you are seated in front of me or connected over Skype. This way I am allowing spirit to guide me during your reading and you will experience a reading as it should be.

Audio or video recording is not allowed, but please bring a notepad and a pen to the reading. You are strongly encouraged to take notes. So much information comes through that often it is hard to later remember everything that happens during a reading. Also, some of what comes up may not resonate at the time, but might make sense later.

Clients are encouraged to avoid drinking any alcohol beverages prior to their reading. Interpretation of your reading is best experienced with a clear head.

Why do you not allow me to audio or video record my reading?

When a reading is being recorded, another energy source is introduced into the connection between you, me and Spirit. This makes it harder for me to raise my energy and vibration and for spirits to lower theirs. As a result, the messages do not flow as easily and your reading will not be as fulfilling.

Why do I need to tell you who is going to be with me at my reading?

I need this whether you are seeing me in-person or over a Skype or FaceTime call. The reason is simple - I connect with spirits who are connected to the people who are physically in the room or dialed in by Skype/FaceTime. These spirits give me signals and messages I need to translate. Knowing who is at the reading will allow me to channel those messages to the right person.

Can others sit in on my reading but not participate?

No. Only those family members included on the booking can be with you for the reading. If others are sitting in on your reading even off camera just to listen, spirits will come through for those other people. I will then receive message from them as well as messages from spirits connected to you and your family. I need the person for whom the messages are intended for to validate them. Messages from spirits for other people sitting in on the reading will probably not make sense to you, confuse the reading and make it a far less rewarding experience for you and your family members.

Where is your office in Manhattan, New York?

I do not publish my office address to protect my privacy. The location for your in-person meeting will be included in the two appointment reminder emails you will receive 48 hours and 24 hours before your appointment.

The reminder emails will include a link to a webpage which will give you the office address, full directions on how to get there and a phone number to call if you have questions or difficulties finding my office.

Can I have family members dial into my in-person meeting with you by Skype or FaceTime?

I do not offer the option to do this at the moment.

How should I get ready for my FaceTime or Skype reading?

It is important that you choose a quiet and private space for your reading.

If you have booked an Individual & Family reading (one person plus up to 3 family members) and family members included on the booking will be joining you for your reading, make sure that everyone will be able to see the screen and be seen. For these readings, I recommend using a laptop or desktop computer.

If you have booked a Skype reading, look out for the Skype invite from me the day before your reading and accept it so I may call you at your appointment time.

If you have booked an Individual & Family Skype reading (one person plus up to 3 family members) and family members will be dialing into the Skype call, please make sure that everyone is ready at the appointment time. You will be responsible for adding these family members to the Skype call.

Finally, make sure your internet connection is fast enough for the reading (see below).

What internet speed do I need for a FaceTime or Skype reading?

A high quality video and audio connection is essential to allow your reading to flow naturally. To achieve an HD video connection, I recommend a minimum upload and download speed of 1.5Mbps. If possible do a speed test with the device you plan to use from the location you intend to have the reading by using the app to verify your network speed.

If other family members are dialing into your Skype reading, you will need an additional 1.5Mbps of bandwidth per person. Recommended internet speeds for every person dialed into a Skype reading are:

Just you: 1.5Mbps You plus 1 family member: 3.0Mbps You plus 2 family members: 4.5Mbps You plus 3 family members: 6.0Mbps

Skype and FaceTime will work over a cellular connection and at lower network speeds, but video and audio quality will be compromised.