Susan - En Persona (Nueva York)

I recently had the good fortune of meeting Zulema. She is a warm and kind woman who put me at ease immediately. A very special aspect of my reading was that three of my family members were with me; they were able to validate and provide feedback. I can’t imagine how different it would have been if they hadn’t been with me.

Spending time with Zulema gave me a window into a dimension I always sensed existed. I was able to interact with various members of my family and listen, ask questions and find peace. I feel comforted knowing, without a doubt, that my loved ones continue to share this world with me and my extended family - even new grandchildren that they never actually met - on a regular basis. My time with Zulema was an amazing experience and I will be forever grateful and appreciative of her abilities - she has a true gift.

Thanks again!