Lina - En Persona (Los Angeles)

Hola Zulema,

Now that we have settled back home in South Carolina, it was a pleasure meeting you in Los Angeles. First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for what you did for my mother Olga. When her husband of 16 years passed she lost everything that kept her grounded. As her daughter I didn’t realize just how much she needed this. Zulema thank you so much for giving my mom the opportunity to connect with her loved ones specially her husband Elkin and validating everything that happened.

When a family member passes away the grieving process is different for each one, the hurt and the pain of their loss is there. But I realized the difference between losing a parent and a life partner, that is the hardest in our family case. My mom lost her partner, her confident, friend, her rock. The loss is so much more and the loneliness is worse. She was so accustomed to coming home from work and he being there to talk to her and tell her what not to do and to do, to laugh and to plan their life. You have given my mom back a piece of her life and her Peace of mind. Listening to what he had to say gave her the resilience that she had lost in her life. He saying sorry and that she would be ok is what I think meant the most. Naturally everything else was great and very validating, but what gave her the most is knowing that he knew what went wrong and that he never meant for things to happen like that. The change in my mom’s face and her smile is priceless. Will I do this again for her? Yes in a heartbeat. Now she knows what he wanted puts her at peace. You gave my mom a new sense of life and for that I am grateful.

May God continue to bless you with your gift. Thank you