Erica - FaceTime (Florida)

Where do I begin with this reading I had with Zulema.

I’ll start with this, there are things that Zulema knew that she had no way of looking up and definitely no way she could have been told by anyone but my family members who had passed on. My grandmother came through and pointed out that someone was going through in vitro and that this was not their first rodeo. That person is me! She went down to details on how many embryos I had, the sex of them, that I was going to have twins and most importantly that this time would work. Well, yesterday I got confirmation that I am indeed pregnant and the results are so high that this may indeed be a twin pregnancy! Remarkable!!! I got questions I had been holding in answered and I was even able to get some clarification on why things happened the way they did. This meant the world to not only me but some of my family members that I shared what I had learned with them. I highly recommend Zulema and plan to get another reading with her again sometime soon.

Thank you!!!