William M. (Washington DC) - In Person

Wow what an evening...

We had dinner last night with our dear dear friends Zulema and Nick. We haven't seen them in a while as we live in Washington, DC, and I work in NYC, travel all over the world, and schedules seem to never align. Anyway, my wife, Akiko, and two of my children joined us for dinner.

I NEVER in my wildest dreams could have imagined what would happen.

The plan was to catch up as we always do especially with Zulema's recent news about her gifted ability.

Wow wow...during dinner Akiko and Zulema were talking and I noticed tears in my wife's eyes...when asked what happen, she started to tell me about how Zulema was telling her things about her Dad, that I didn't even know.

The night continued at dinner with more and more things coming out that there was NO WAY Zulema couldn't have known about my wife's family.

From dinner we went back to their home and then things shifted, as Zulema started to tell me about things concerning my Dad and Mom, My Older Sister, all deceased, and my oldest son, who recently moved back to NY.

It was SHOCKING.  I have never been a believer in connecting with the after life....until NOW.

I am still digesting this amazing night and in a strange way, as I reflect on last night..there is almost a sense of closure or fulfillment in what Zulema shared with us.

I am now a believer and can't thank Zulema and Nick for a night I will never forget!

Love you guys..

William and the Crew