Katherine W. (New York City) - In Person

Zulema and I met a few weeks before she began to pursue her gifts, so it was with great excitement and anticipation that I arrived for my reading. She immediately put me at ease, explaining her process and sharing some tips for ways to get the most from the experience. From the beginning, Zulema connected with several loved ones, in many cases stating their names from the onset and sharing information she simply could not have known otherwise. She shared information that put my mind at ease in several cases, and was able to show me how my lost loved ones are with me every day. 

The few points I could not validate were quickly validated the next morning when I spoke to a few family members, and in fact they were so poignant that the rest of my family is clambering to schedule their own readings. 

It was an incredibly positive, emotional, and inspiring experience that has had an immediate effect on my every day life. I look forward to returning in the future.

Thank you,

Katherine W.