Karina (Ladera Ranch, California) - En Persona (Lake Forest, California)

I had the fortunate and unexpected opportunity to meet Zulema through a mutual friend at her home for a group session.  Going into the initial reading, I was optimistic at the possibility of connecting with a lost loved ones but also nervous as I hadn’t ever done anything like this before.  Once we arrived Zulema was very welcoming and calming, thoroughly explaining her journey down this path, her ability to do what she does and what we as a group should expect.  It’s an extremely surreal experience once she begins to connect because you at first think how is this possible but the level of detail she is able to describe was astonishing.  The person I was hoping to come through did and we decided it’d be best to have a more intimate session with my family to help focus what was coming in.  I can say the peace she brought and validations she was able to provide my family is something we will forever be grateful for.  There were details of things that were impossible for her to know or guess that she was able to channel and confirm.  If you have the opportunity to receive a reading from Zulema I highly encourage it as it was incredibly healing experience for all involved.