Elizabeth - En Persona (Neuva York)

While having known Zulema for a couple of years now I was curious and anxious to have a reading. I have had a lot of anxiety and uncertainty that I’ve been looking for help with. Zulema’s reading was nothing like I was expecting, even though I had no idea really what to expect. It was calming, peaceful and reassuring. The way she helped me communicate and understand what was happening helped to keep me grounded throughout the entire experience. 

Zulema immediately picked up on a deceased friend whom she knew next to nothing about. She recalled memories that no one had knowledge of except my friend and I. One of the many instances that has stayed with me was that Zulema’s energy during this portion of the reading mimicked exactly that of my friend and almost immediately changed when a relative of mine came to her. The drastic change in energies and the accuracy of the mannerisms she exhibited was incredible validation. I left the reading feeling very peaceful knowing that those I think about still are with me. If there is anything that you feel uncertain about or have left open I highly recommend a reading with Zulema. Her follow up and compassion really made the emotional experience an extremely positive one.