Nelly M. (Dallas) - In Person

Hi Zulema!

The experience with you was beyond more than what we expected it to be. More than answers, you confirmed a reality that we were afraid of finding out. We held onto a faith we never let go since the kidnapping of my Father. From the moment you started the reading and you told us my Father was standing right beside my mom, our hearts ached and our faith shattered as we knew we would never see him alive again. Many things we speculated were confirmed by him thru the reading plus much more. But it brought us peace to know his spirit was with us and thru the reading, he let un know he has always been watching over us.

So many mixed emotions but a relief at the same time. This reading defiantly changed our lives for the better. We found relief and closure in our hearts which we longed for many years. But most of all, the "Not Knowing" we lived with for 10 yrs is no longer there. It has brought happiness and joy to have been able to connect with our Father and loved ones. Peace in our hearts is what we wanted and we know have it thanks to you!

We will ALWAYS be grateful for you and God for putting you in our lives. Thru your "Gift", we have been truly blessed and I only wish you many more years of success to come your way so you can continue to help others like you did us.

Un fuerte abrazo para usted de todo corazon,

Nelly y Familia

Nicholas Farley