Jasnery P. (New York City) - In Person

A very life changing and unique experience. I had my mind and heart open at the moment of the reading and thankfully I was able to communicate with my father. I am very satisfied by the information my father gave me through Zulema. Days before the reading, I was feeling confused and lost. I needed some directions in my life in order to move forward, some decisions to make and when I left her office, I was so happy to know that my father is with me and my children at all moments. That gave me confidence. I am 100% sure now that I’m still Daddy’s Little Girl ad he is still with me to protect me and give me love from wherever he is happily resting in peace. 

In simply words: 

Zulema is so amazing! 

Thank you so much. Be blessed and I will look forward to seeing you soon, again!

Jasnery P.

Nicholas Farley