Valerie (Ladera Ranch, California) - In Person (Lake Forest, California)

I was fortunate to be introduced to Zulema through a friend, and attended an event where several people were in the room for a reading.  At the start of the evening I was reluctant and disinclined to believe that she would discuss or observe anything relevant to me, but I was sorely mistaken and absolutely astonished at what she told me.  Out of a crowded room, she zeroed in on my eyes, stared hard at me, and proceeded to recount facts about a tragic accident that happened to someone who’s name started with the letter D 11 years prior.  Three other people in the room knew what happened, but Zulema was not one of them.  She told me how he had come through and wanted to apologize, said there was nothing he could have done, referenced a letter, my brother, and the heaviness and pain in his chest.  She talked about flashing lights, forgiveness and closure, hurting himself and the fact that he sees grandchildren. 

My father shot himself in the heart one week after I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  My brother and my dad were terribly close, and he still has not found closure in my dad’s final act.  It is a much longer story than I can write in a brief review of my experience, but suffice it to say that she had enough valid points to make the hair on my skin stand up, and I eventually felt the need to remove myself from the situation so others could have a turn at a reading.  I might have been a little skeptical going in, but I truly believe that Zulema has a gift.  She asked me if I ever look out the window and think about my dad; she told me that he sees me doing so.  I said, “All the time, his nickname was Jay bird, and I often look out for birds in my yard because they remind me of him.”

Thank you,