Maria - In Person (New York)

On a busy Manhattan afternoon, I walk into Zulema’s welcoming space. The room is well lit and a very pleasant scent fills the room. We sit down, engage in conversation, and within minutes I leave behind the noise of the city. There is calm in the air; I don’t know what to expect from this read, but my heart and mind are open. Zulema soon reunites me with the memory of someone I love very dearly. A female name I initially don’t recognize is mentioned....Zulema tells me to hold on to it...minutes later I realize is the name of the street where my loved one lived. She closes her eyes and uses an adjective which perfectly described my loved one’s physical appearance. I close my eyes as well and hear special messages directed to me, my heart is filled with joy. Zulema tells me she feels other loved ones coming through... and one by one she communicates things we lived together and words that went unsaid. At this time, the memory of each of these people is vivid and I can almost feel their presence in the room. There are pieces of information relayed that did not click, again Zulema tells me to retain and try to make sense of it at a later time. I open my eyes and fix them on the small candle lit on front of me. A gente breeze enters the room, it is about time to say good bye. I feel ready, there is a sense of closure. Five cards lay on the table, each one with a special word to help guide my path. We conclude the session with a smile and I thank Zulema for canalizing positive energy, pleasant memories, and messages from loved ones. That night, I call a family member to tell her about this beautiful afternoon, to my amazement, she makes the odd ends meet and all messages I didn’t understand click.