Lea (Lake Forest, California) - In Person (New York)

I have had the inspiring opportunity to observe Zulema hone her “gift”.

I was fortunate to have been party to multiple readings where I was floored at the accuracy of the messages relayed and witnessed the validation, calm and pleasure it gave to each participant, as well as the curiosity, instruction, and desire for more.

I was anxious about my own reading, thinking I didn’t have specific persons I needed to connect with, but was pleasantly surprised at the connections made with my grandparents and aunt, and the peace and answers it could provide my mother from those communications and the messages Zulema delivered. There were moments where I literally fell out of my seat in shear amazement of the accuracy of the information. I was left feeling completely gratified.

I know Zulema’s gift will bring comfort and validation to so many more. Her rapport, professionalism, confidence and compassion are impressive. It is a beautiful gift she is selflessly providing to so many in need.

Thank you,
Lea G.