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A Messenger From Beyond 


Multiple apparitions from a man inside her apartment in Manhattan made Zulema Arroyo Farley– author and sarcoma cancer survivor– come out of the closet and reveal to her husband her psychic abilities that allowed her to communicate with loved ones who passed away. “We all need a guide,” says the Puerto Rican, who is known as The Latina Medium and has performed readings in TV shows such as Despierta América. “It’s nothing negative,” she adds. 


When did you realize you had that ability?

I’ve always known since I was a kid. My mom tells me I used to have imaginary friends. I’ve always had premonition of things that would happen in the future. 


Why did you come out as a medium?

I couldn’t control it anymore. It was causing me anxiety. Not sarcoma, but probably all other autoimmune diseases I have are related to having held that inside for so long. 


Where you afraid to tell the truth?

No, the only reason I didn’t say it before it’s because I had to first learn how to use my gift.


How has your family taken it?

My mom and my sister don’t want anything to do with it.  


What do you mean by saying you are a medium?

Everyone needs a spiritual guide. People don’t know that our loved ones are always with us and guide us. 


What would you say to those who don’t believe in your gift? 

I don’t worry about the people who don’t believe me. It’s good that people have some skepticism, especially when they come to see me for a reading. The work is done by their loved ones.

How much time is each session? 

Each session lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. 


How much do you charge per session?

This is not a business, as many people think. I have to rent an office space, be in a safe space because I’m meeting people I don’t know. There are charges associated with the websites and, but I don’t charge as much as other mediums. My rate is $250 per hour. I’m not profiting from this; my husband and I don’t have the need to. I want to use my gift to help people. I know that can lead people to read my book and gain some inspiration. I also want to help fight sarcoma, so people can know everything I’ve been through with chemotherapy in order to fight this cancer. I want to save lives. That’s what I’m doing with the money.

Nicholas Farley