• Downloading your meditation requires an entry-level understanding of how to download and use audio files 

  • Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email containing a link to download an audio file containing your meditation

  • You may place your order using any device that can access my website. However, to be able to download the audio file you will need to download the file to an Apple iMac/laptop or a PC desktop/laptop

  • In most cases, attempting to download the audio file to an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile will not work. If you try to download the files to your iPhone, the meditation will play in broadcast mode from the website but only for the first few minutes after which it will restart from the beginning of the meditation

  • To download the audio file, you will need to access the email with the download link from the computer/laptop you plan to use to download the audio file to

  • If you download the audio file to an Apple iMac/laptop and you have iTunes activated on your computer, your meditation will automatically be loaded into iTunes and begin to play

  • If you download the audio file to a PC desktop/laptop, you may have to click on the file in your download folder to launch your default media player and play the meditation

  • If you want to download the audio file to your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile, connect your device to the computer you downloaded the audio file to and follow the normal procedure for downloading music to your device