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William M. (Washington DC) - In Person

Wow what an evening...

We had dinner last night with our dear dear friends Zulema and Nick. We haven't seen them in a while as we live in Washington, DC, and I work in NYC, travel all over the world, and schedules seem to never align. Anyway, my wife, Akiko, and two of my children joined us for dinner.

I NEVER in my wildest dreams could have imagined what would happen.

The plan was to catch up as we always do especially with Zulema's recent news about her gifted ability.

Wow wow...during dinner Akiko and Zulema were talking and I noticed tears in my wife's eyes...when asked what happen, she started to tell me about how Zulema was telling her things about her Dad, that I didn't even know.

The night continued at dinner with more and more things coming out that there was NO WAY Zulema couldn't have known about my wife's family.

From dinner we went back to their home and then things shifted, as Zulema started to tell me about things concerning my Dad and Mom, My Older Sister, all deceased, and my oldest son, who recently moved back to NY.

It was SHOCKING.  I have never been a believer in connecting with the after life....until NOW.

I am still digesting this amazing night and in a strange way, as I reflect on last night..there is almost a sense of closure or fulfillment in what Zulema shared with us.

I am now a believer and can't thank Zulema and Nick for a night I will never forget!

Love you guys..

William and the Crew

William Gilbert (New York City) - In Person

Although I am not overly religious, I have always felt there was more in the afterlife and that I had a guardian angel that directed me while I raced motorcycles. I have never had any proof or sought it, I just felt it.

My readings with Zulema validated those completely. She made connections with multiple people I lost as far back as 40 years ago and the details she provided were shockingly accurate...even inside jokes only my family knows. I have to admit it left me feeling a little tripped out. I wasn’t looking for closure or validation because I had been at peace with these losses for many years, but it was such an unbelievable experience that left me smiling with an immense feeling of pleasure.

William Gilbert

Maria Rust (New York City) - In Person

As soon as I sat down to get my reading with Zulema I felt total comfort. She connected with multiple loved ones, some of which my family and I had much unease about their passing.  Her reading was very positive and gave me the comfort in feeling that my loved ones were in a good place. During my reading she hit on alot of things I had struggles with especially with the sudden passing of my father.  Some of the things that I was unclear of during my reading came to light after talking to family members the next day.  After my reading was over I felt this huge surge of positivity and began to feel instant peace over the passing of two people who meant the world to me. Thank you so much Zulema for sharing your gift with me.

Elvis L. (New York City) - In Person

Though I’d known Zulema for many years, I was at first apprehensive about going to see her as a medium. I had never experienced anything like it before.  A few minutes into the conversation, and I was fascinated by her story and how this gift became known to her. 

Two very dear loved ones came through during the session.   A close friend who recently passed was the first one to channel.  Zulema was able to confirm information about his passing and his character, which only someone close to him would know. It was very comforting to know that he is in a good place and that he is thinking about us, as we are about him.

The second person to come through was my partner’s dad. Through Zulema, my partner was able to reconnect with his dad, who had a very special message for him.  I’ sure he’s happy to know that we now have that framed picture of him in our bedroom.

Thank you,



Marina B. (New York City) - In Person

Dear Zulema,

I cannot than you enough for channeling your gift into something so positive for the human spirit. Your energy and empathy are unlike any other. I've never had a reading done before and I was (pleasantly) surprised at how intuitive and considered your approach was - not to mention spot on! I have peace of mind that those loved ones are guiding me and hope that my future will work out as it should thanks in part to your foresight. 

Thank you for your patience and lovely aura. It was an absolute pleasure to spend that time with you. 


Marina xx

Katherine W. (New York City) - In Person

Zulema and I met a few weeks before she began to pursue her gifts, so it was with great excitement and anticipation that I arrived for my reading. She immediately put me at ease, explaining her process and sharing some tips for ways to get the most from the experience. From the beginning, Zulema connected with several loved ones, in many cases stating their names from the onset and sharing information she simply could not have known otherwise. She shared information that put my mind at ease in several cases, and was able to show me how my lost loved ones are with me every day. 

The few points I could not validate were quickly validated the next morning when I spoke to a few family members, and in fact they were so poignant that the rest of my family is clambering to schedule their own readings. 

It was an incredibly positive, emotional, and inspiring experience that has had an immediate effect on my every day life. I look forward to returning in the future.

Thank you,

Katherine W.

Maria S. (New York City) - In Person

I felt anxious and nervous prior to my reading but the minute I met Zulema there was a sense of peace and harmony.  

She was beyond what I expected and thanks to her I was able to communicate with my father and grandmother.  I was amazed at how accurate and precise she was when she conveyed my loved ones' messages.  She provided details that only I would know and it validated that my loved ones were present and always with me.  

Thank you for being the facilitator in giving me peace of mind and clarity.  I am eternally grateful to you and may this gift you have bring to others the same happiness it brought to me.

Thank you!

Yolaine D. (New York City) - In Person

I just want to tank you for such an amazing experience. I couldn’t believe you brought my my dad so close to me once again. I was amaze with how accurate was everything you said and the peace you brought me with your reading. You truly have an amazing gift and I thank God for letting me experience it first hand. I will be forever grateful. Thank you! 

Lea G. (New York City) - In Person

I have had the inspiring opportunity to observe Zulema hone her “gift”.

I was fortunate to have been party to multiple readings where I was floored at the accuracy of the messages relayed and witnessed the validation, calm and pleasure it gave to each participant, as well as the curiosity, instruction, and desire for more.

I was anxious about my own reading, thinking I didn’t have specific persons I needed to connect with, but was pleasantly surprised at the connections made with my grandparents and aunt, and the peace and answers it could provide my mother from those communications and the messages Zulema delivered. There were moments where I literally fell out of my seat in shear amazement of the accuracy of the information. I was left feeling completely gratified.

I know Zulema’s gift will bring comfort and validation to so many more. Her rapport, professionalism, confidence and compassion are impressive. It is a beautiful gift she is selflessly providing to so many in need.

Thank you,
Lea G.

Gloria P. (Long Island) - In Person

As I went into a reading with Zulema I was neither closed-minded but not entirely open-minded as this was my first reading ever. Zulema was down-to-earth and funny and the reading was more like a warm, friendly conversation, which immediately put me at ease.  During our session, Zulema focused on what matters most to me in my life- my family. Quite a few of my crossed over relatives came through to give their support in my reading. It was never a scary or unsettling experience. In fact, it was warm and comforting and the session ended with me feeling optimistic and knowing that I have a special someone guiding me.

Maria C. (New York City) - In Person

On a busy Manhattan afternoon, I walk into Zulema’s welcoming space. The room is well lit and a very pleasant scent fills the room. We sit down, engage in conversation, and within minutes I leave behind the noise of the city. There is calm in the air; I don’t know what to expect from this read, but my heart and mind are open. Zulema soon reunites me with the memory of someone I love very dearly. A female name I initially don’t recognize is mentioned....Zulema tells me to hold on to it...minutes later I realize is the name of the street where my loved one lived. She closes her eyes and uses an adjective which perfectly described my loved one’s physical appearance. I close my eyes as well and hear special messages directed to me, my heart is filled with joy. Zulema tells me she feels other loved ones coming through... and one by one she communicates things we lived together and words that went unsaid. At this time, the memory of each of these people is vivid and I can almost feel their presence in the room. There are pieces of information relayed that did not click, again Zulema tells me to retain and try to make sense of it at a later time. I open my eyes and fix them on the small candle lit on front of me. A gente breeze enters the room, it is about time to say good bye. I feel ready, there is a sense of closure. Five cards lay on the table, each one with a special word to help guide my path. We conclude the session with a smile and I thank Zulema for canalizing positive energy, pleasant memories, and messages from loved ones. That night, I call a family member to tell her about this beautiful afternoon, to my amazement, she makes the odd ends meet and all messages I didn’t understand click.

Elizabeth Y. (New York City) - In Person

While having known Zulema for a couple of years now I was curious and anxious to have a reading. I have had a lot of anxiety and uncertainty that I’ve been looking for help with. Zulema’s reading was nothing like I was expecting, even though I had no idea really what to expect. It was calming, peaceful and reassuring. The way she helped me communicate and understand what was happening helped to keep me grounded throughout the entire experience. 

Zulema immediately picked up on a deceased friend whom she knew next to nothing about. She recalled memories that no one had knowledge of except my friend and I. One of the many instances that has stayed with me was that Zulema’s energy during this portion of the reading mimicked exactly that of my friend and almost immediately changed when a relative of mine came to her. The drastic change in energies and the accuracy of the mannerisms she exhibited was incredible validation. I left the reading feeling very peaceful knowing that those I think about still are with me. If there is anything that you feel uncertain about or have left open I highly recommend a reading with Zulema. Her follow up and compassion really made the emotional experience an extremely positive one.


Karina M. (Ladera Ranch, California) - In Person

I had the fortunate and unexpected opportunity to meet Zulema through a mutual friend at her home for a group session.  Going into the initial reading, I was optimistic at the possibility of connecting with a lost loved ones but also nervous as I hadn’t ever done anything like this before.  Once we arrived Zulema was very welcoming and calming, thoroughly explaining her journey down this path, her ability to do what she does and what we as a group should expect.  It’s an extremely surreal experience once she begins to connect because you at first think how is this possible but the level of detail she is able to describe was astonishing.  The person I was hoping to come through did and we decided it’d be best to have a more intimate session with my family to help focus what was coming in.  I can say the peace she brought and validations she was able to provide my family is something we will forever be grateful for.  There were details of things that were impossible for her to know or guess that she was able to channel and confirm.  If you have the opportunity to receive a reading from Zulema I highly encourage it as it was incredibly healing experience for all involved.



Laurie H. (Temecula, California) - In Person

Dear Zulema,

I want to thank you again for reading myself and my daughters. 

It is a very emotional thing to hear someone telling facts about yourself that they could not possibly know ... it was such a gift of kindness to share your insight with us. We felt stronger and restored that day . Knowing you can communicate with our very missed loved ones was such a comfort to us.

The validation that our loved ones are always with us soothes the soul for sure.

Please continue helping and sharing your gift with others. 

Thank you a million times over...

Valerie S. (Ladera Ranch, California) - In Person

I was fortunate to be introduced to Zulema through a friend, and attended an event where several people were in the room for a reading.  At the start of the evening I was reluctant and disinclined to believe that she would discuss or observe anything relevant to me, but I was sorely mistaken and absolutely astonished at what she told me.  Out of a crowded room, she zeroed in on my eyes, stared hard at me, and proceeded to recount facts about a tragic accident that happened to someone who’s name started with the letter D 11 years prior.  Three other people in the room knew what happened, but Zulema was not one of them.  She told me how he had come through and wanted to apologize, said there was nothing he could have done, referenced a letter, my brother, and the heaviness and pain in his chest.  She talked about flashing lights, forgiveness and closure, hurting himself and the fact that he sees grandchildren. 

My father shot himself in the heart one week after I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  My brother and my dad were terribly close, and he still has not found closure in my dad’s final act.  It is a much longer story than I can write in a brief review of my experience, but suffice it to say that she had enough valid points to make the hair on my skin stand up, and I eventually felt the need to remove myself from the situation so others could have a turn at a reading.  I might have been a little skeptical going in, but I truly believe that Zulema has a gift.  She asked me if I ever look out the window and think about my dad; she told me that he sees me doing so.  I said, “All the time, his nickname was Jay bird, and I often look out for birds in my yard because they remind me of him.”

Thank you,


Debra H. (Laguna Beach, California) - In Person


Thank you for sharing your gift with me.  Since recently losing my son to a tragic accident, I have been emotionally struggling with the loss.  There were many validations provided by this reading and I look forward to listening to the audio recording.  You have provided a newfound sense of peace and I would encourage anyone with an open mind to seek your services.   


Mirna F. (Tustin, California) - In Person

Dear Zulema, 

I just want to say, OMG!!!

I cannot believe how accurate you were with the things you told me about my aunt, who had passed away 9 months before the reading. 

The specific things you said about her, the bracelet and her canary singing. You gave me peace to confirm she is doing fine in the after life.  You truly have a gift.

Thank you again for your reading.